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d.i.d. - Modified Grbl Firmware

Grbl firmware modified to work with a servo and tuned with the right values to work with d.i.d. our scalable pen plotter.

To install it simply download Arduino and put the folder in:

Documents > Arduino > Libraries

Reboot Arduino IDE and the firmware can be loaded from the Examples section under the File menu. Connect your Arduino uno, select the right port and board under the tools menu and click Upload!

Plugin for Illustrator to create lines where the infill is. Useful for all plotters

that work with vectors. This plugin would not have been possible without the

help of Alberto Parziale, an incredible programmer and our first client!

Check out Alberto's github for many intresting programs

To install the plugin simply put it in: 

Illustrator_Folder > Presets > en_EN>Script

You will find the plugin under the file menu inside of illustrator at the

voice "Script"

Hatch fill - Plugin for Illustrator

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